This is my Gracai Bowl. I wanted to call it Spacai bowl (because of the added spinach and spirulina), but it doesn’t sound very PC, so I’ve just gone for the green-acai hybrid of Gracai.

Muchas gracias for patiently waiting for me to finish explaining that. Now onto the dish…

Now that it’s finally a bit warmer here in the UK, I much prefer to break my fast with something a little cooler, like a bircher muesli, protein bowl or this acai bowl. I love this recipe because it takes 5 minutes to make and is super nutritious due to the added leafy greens, but still boasts the classic purple acai colour of the Bondi Beach cafe bowls that I ‘like’ on Instagram (but have never been to).

2 over-ripe peeled, chopped and frozen banans
1 handful of frozen blueberries
1 tbsp of acai powder
1 scoop of greens powder (spiralling/barley grass)
1 handful of spinach
Splash of almond/rice milk
1 de-stoned date (optional)

Topping ideas:
banana slices
raspberries and fresh fruit
chia seeds
flaked almonds
dried coconut flakes
cacao nibs

First blend the bananas until they’re almost at ice cream consistency, then add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth.
Add toppings and serve!


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