Category: Food

Easy Peasy Carrot Keezy

This is legit the most easy peasy carrot cake in the weezy. The recipe is more basic than my 2011 summer Starbucks order (a […]

Springtime Bircher Muesli

The weather is finally getting warmer so I’m celebrating by swapping hot porridge for this mulberry and buckwheat bircher muesli. It’s […]

Cara Delevingne’s Vegan BLT

Cara Delevingne. Model, actor and all-round mega-bae, who also happens to be obsessed with bacon. Don’t believe me? Just look at […]

Sweet and Smokey Tofu

I genuinely thought tofu was gross. Like overdone pork levels of gross. How wrong I was. Let me convert you. This […]

Cinnamon Pancakes With Caramel Sauce

I love pancakes. They are so nostalgic for me. I grew up with the scotch kind, until I went to […]

Chewy Gooey Vegan Brownies

You would never think that brownies this gooey, chewy, fudgey and crispy on the outside could be vegan. But they ARE. When […]

Smoothie Operator

This is my go-to smoothie recipe. I like it as part of my breakfast, or with a scoop of vegan protein […]

Tom Hardy’s Turmeric Taboo

Baby, it’s cold outside. Let’s stay in and stain our fingers with turmeric and watch Tom Hardy take his top off on the telly. I […]

Vegan Snickers Bars

These are my triple layered snickers bars with candied peanuts. They are everything free, but totally delicious. You will need: Oven […]

Beyonce’s Boxing Day Drank

Although Beyonce is superior to us mere mortals in every way (especially in the posterior region), I like to think […]