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Calm Balm

This calm balm is perfect for when you’re anxious AF. In my experience, anxiety can hit you when you least […]

Natural hair mask

When you Google ‘How To Make Your Hair Grow’, you’re greeted with over 14.7 million results. That’s a lot. And I […]

Unicorn Bath Salts

This is a recipe dedicated to my very own, real life unicorn, Becca D.  I made this for her as a Christmas […]

Whip It Real Good Body Butter

If one thing’s for sure, my social life is as dry as a desert in January. My skin on the […]

In Da Club Body Scrub

You’ll find me in the tub, bottle full of scrub… This all natural body scrub was inspired by the smooth […]

All Natural Teeth Whitener

I think we should kick this off with a big round of applause for that group of marketing executives who got […]

Kanye’s Khristmas Kandle for Kim

It’s been a tough old quarter for the Kardashian clan, so this Christmas, I like to imagine that Kanye will […]