thumbnail_kandle-kim_landscapethumbnail_en-uk It’s been a tough old quarter for the Kardashian clan, so this Christmas, I like to imagine that Kanye will be re-aligning his chakras by making my scented soy candles. “DIY candles? EFFORT,” I hear you say. Negative, my liege, these are actually really straight forward and fairly inexpensive to make.

You can buy everything off amazon, in fact, I just ordered another 1kg of soy wax which is arriving tomorrow via next day delivery (sass emoji). NB: 1kg will make 4 jars worth of candles. I went for the fairly tacky christmas spiced essential oils, but you’re probably much classier than me, so by all means go to town and give Jo Malone a run for her money. Sidenote, if you’ve seen me skulking around Itsu with a stash of chopsticks under one arm, this would be why. Second sidenote, ‘sticks and wicks’ sounds rather saucy, don’t you think?

Watch the video of this recipe that I made with Tastemade, right HERE


You will need:
Soy wax flakes
Stickers for your wicks
Chopsticks (the cheap ones that are joined at the top)
Essential oils
Cute jars
Christmassy garlands

1. Measure out your soy flakes by slightly over-filling your chosen jar, twice.
2. Pour the flakes into a heat resistant bowl and place over a saucepan with some hot water in a bain-marie
3. Once the flakes have completely melted (this will take about 5 minutes), set the bowl to one side
4. Peel off your wick sticker and place on the bottom of your candle. Stick to the bottom of the jar
5. Fasten the wick in between your chopsticks, and rest the chopstick on the top of the jar so the wick is in the middle
6. Add your essential oil to your melted soy and stir. The amount you need depends on how strong the scent is, but you won’t cause any huge damage by using more than you might need
7. Very gently and slowly (you may need to decant the oil into a warm jug for this part) pour the liquid into your jar and fill to about an inch before the top. Try not to let the liquid seep onto the outer part and the rim of the jar (as I do in the Tastemade video)
8. Allow your candle to cool in a safe place for about 6-12 hours
9. Cut your candle wick and seal the jar with a lid
10. Decorate your jar however you please, I like to tie a ribbon around the rim and add a festive wired berry decoration!

Burn baby, burn. Please let me know if you make this, or have any questions, but leaving a comment below.


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